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php function convert utf-8 to tis-620 and tis-620 to utf-8

17 June 2014

function utf8_to_tis620 This function converts the string from utf-8 to tis-620. For example, the webpage use encoding utf-8 but table charset is ​​tis-620. So i must convert strings to tis620-strings before saving by using this custom function or built-in function to your discretion. At my experience, i have use built-in function for Thai language conversion […]

MySQL Convert from INNODB to MYISAM

8 October 2013

Convert from INNODB to MYISAM MYISAM is use by very less hosting companies now a days, as its mostly provided with the shared hosting account. But sometimes, we needed to change mysql engine, when its create a problem while exporting and importing sql data from INNODB to MYISAM engine. Steps to follow: Take backup of […]