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MySQL Convert from INNODB to MYISAM

8 October 2013

Convert from INNODB to MYISAM MYISAM is use by very less hosting companies now a days, as its mostly provided with the shared hosting account. But sometimes, we needed to change mysql engine, when its create a problem while exporting and importing sql data from INNODB to MYISAM engine. Steps to follow: Take backup of […]

Subfolder to Subdomain with .htaccess

10 September 2013

Convert Subfolder to Subdomain with .htaccess For Example, if you have your url is “http://domain.com/sexy/” and “http://domain.com/files” but you want to convert them all to subdomain too. such as “http://sexy.domain.com” and “http://files.domain.com”. The easiest way to convert folder to subdomain is to use .htaccess, Reconfigured your ServerAlias in Apache Virtual host and add a wildcard A […]

Nginx Block and Redirect IP Access to WordPress wp-admin

29 August 2013

This article will show you how to block all IP addresses to a specific folder (wp-admin) and only allow access to your IP address. Additionally, the blocked IP’s will be redirected to a location that you choose. This is a fantastic way to lock down your WordPress installation with minimal effort and maximum results. How […]