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Backup all databases nightly w/ mysqldump

5 July 2015

  Backup all databases nightly w/ mysqldump This is something very useful and everybody should be doing this. Because you can’t trusted the hosting provider backup.  So you should always make your own backup and here is the tools will help you make your own mysql backup with ease. #!/bin/bash DB_BACKUP=”/backups/mysql_backup/`date +%Y-%m-%d`” DB_USER=”root” DB_PASSWD=”secretttt” HN=`hostname | […]

Apache Error: “semget: No space left on device”

5 July 2015

Apache Error: “semget: No space left on device” If Apache fails, and will not successfully start again, check the error log. If you see an error similar to the following, it could indicate that your server has run out of semaphores. semget: No space left on device To see how many semaphores are being used, SSH to […]

MariaDB on DirectAdmin (Replace MySQL with MariaDB)

6 December 2014

Replace MySQL with MariaDB on DirectAdmin   MySQL…It seems these days everybody doing something in the IT branch has used it, or still does. However, there are some problems: you only get the fun stuff (like clustering etc) if you pay big time, its development is stalling (more and more core developers are leaving), a […]

Bad Bot Blocker

16 August 2014

Bad Bot Blocker 223 Apache htaccess rules to block bad bots. Bad bots are defined as: E-mail harvesters Content scrapers Spam bots Vulnerability scanners Aggressive bots that provide little value Bots linked to viruses or malware Government surveillance bots Russian search engine Yandex Chinese search engine Baidu Yandex/Baidu Unless your website is written in Russian […]

Strong Ciphers for Apache, nginx and Lighttpd

4 July 2014

Strong Ciphers for Apache, nginx and Lighttpd Why? The above ciphers are Copy Pastable in your nginx, Lighttpd or Apache config. These provide Strong SSL Security for all modern browsers, plus you get an A+ on the SSL Labs Test. In short, they set a strong Forward Secrecy enabled ciphersuite, they disable SSLv2 and SSLv3, add […]

Softaculous No longer any icons in cpanel

3 July 2014

Softaculous Top Apps In the cPanel category for Softaculous – the top 10 (or whatever) icons are missing. It only has a link to “Auto Installer” where previously it showed 10 or so script icons. This issue sometimes occurs when cPanel is updated and the cPanel theme files are replaced. But the CRON fixes the […]

How To Install Vesta Control Panel on Centos 6 / Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

20 June 2014

How To Install Vesta Control Panel on Centos 6 / Ubuntu 12.04 LTS   Introduction Vesta is an easy to use open source web hosting control pane that currently supports Ubuntu Linux (12.04 LTS, 13.04 and 13.10), Debian 7, CentOS (5 and 6), and RHEL (5 and 6). It packs a bunch of features by default […]

php function convert utf-8 to tis-620 and tis-620 to utf-8

17 June 2014

function utf8_to_tis620 This function converts the string from utf-8 to tis-620. For example, the webpage use encoding utf-8 but table charset is ​​tis-620. So i must convert strings to tis620-strings before saving by using this custom function or built-in function to your discretion. At my experience, i have use built-in function for Thai language conversion […]

SMF Forum Showing Blank Screen / Not Working

23 March 2014

PROBLEM: You tried installing Simple Machines Forum software (SMF) either from the source website or using Fantastico, but it shows as a blank page when you try to access it. No issues are seen in the cPanel Error Log and all other configurations appear to be correct. SOLUTION This issue is caused by suhosin security […]